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Want to find the perfect match for you?
Self-Match is the latest concept in online dating!
Self-match project should appeal to you if you are looking for serious long-term relationship and have not been successful using traditional dating websites. Self-match encourages its users to get involved in survey-driven dating using questions submitted by real people as a result of past broken relationships.
Ask your potential partner questions that really matter to you, get to know him/her better, and go on a date knowing that you are meeting a person who is right for you. This is a way for safer and more effective dating. You can get involved in the project in many ways: vote for posted questions, submit your own questions, register as a future user of, and help find sponsors or investors. Self-match is not relying on mysterious matching algorithms; it is relying on common sense and common people's experience.
While I am already very happily married, I have some friends who have turned to online dating in order to find their "perfect match". Seeing as I was asked to review the website before it has gone active, I figured it would be best to bring over a friend who was currently looking for someone. We sat down and I first showed her the concept video so that she got an understanding of what was taking place. The first thing that we both noticed is that it's very welcoming for those looking for love. When you see the other brands for online dating on the television, it's kind of intimidating. And they want to charge you a steep fee to participate. This website is very user friendly.
The idea of asking each other questions seems really great to find if you are a perfect match. You can use pre-made questions or you can come up with your own questions to submit. Questions include things like; what would you do if your partner snored? What would be the activity you would want to do when waiting for a flight at the airport? What are your eating habits? Which one could you consider a comfort food? Once you decide you want to find more about this person, you can ask them to complete your survey. You get the results and then can go over them with the person or move on and find another person you want to send survey's too. It's a great way to communicate without having to actually talk to anyone yet. If you don't like their answers, you haven't wasted time on an awkward first date. It's a great concept!
The website should hopefully be up and running within the next 6 months. If you are looking for that special someone, this would be the perfect chance for you to connect with new people in a non-biased way. Ask all the questions you want and maybe you will find your perfect match! I highly recommend it!
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