SummerBliz Protection Hat

by - 8:36 AM

This sun hat is lightweight and made up of Nylon/polyester blended fabric.
It has a drawstring that allows you to adjust the size of the hat's crown to your head.
The size of the hat is in medium size and it is for both Men and Women.
SummerBliz protection hat is also flexible and very comfortable to wear. 
This hat has UPF50 that will protect your head from UV Rays or Extreme heat.
 It is really perfect for fishing, for hiking or when you're on the sun all day.
Its also resistant proof so there's nothing to worry if the hat will get wet a little bit of rain.
Whether you are going hiking, fishing, or just sitting at the lake getting some sun, you'll want a hat to keep the sun out of your face. This hat is perfect for all occasions and even better, it's for both men and women. Unfortunately, it's a little big for my head but that's probably because I am fairly small. But for most, this will fit perfectly. The chin strap is adjustable and there is also a pull that you can adjust on the back of your head in case it is too big. It's lightweight and easy to hike in. I highly recommend this hat for anyone who is into outdoor activities!
*I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review*
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