Theravana Ankle Compression Sleeves

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100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - Try it completely RISK FREE and feel the difference for yourself!
SPEED RECOVERY - REDUCE INFLAMMATION Ð PROMOTE PAIN RELIEF Ð thera+vana compression sleeves can accelerate your recovery time by stimulating oxygen delivery, resulting in better blood flow to injured muscles, joints, tendonitis, arthritis, carpal tunnel, cubital tunnel, wrist sprains and MUCH more!
ALL DAY EFFECTIVENESS AND COMFORT- Feel the difference with our unique cotton-elastic/nylon blend of fabric infused with tourmaline mineral nanoparticles. Soft enough to be worn all day, yet supportive enough to help you recover faster, reduce pain, and get on with your life!
PROVEN TECHNOLOGY Ð Harness the reflective power of our natural ceramic coating from Tourmaline mineral nanoparticles. Refract your infrared body heat back into your muscles to for targeted heat therapy and relief!
2 PACK ADVANTAGE: All thera+vana compression braces come bundled as a pair, saving you time, shipping costs, and pain relief!
These compression socks are perfect for anyone who does yoga or another sport in which the foot takes the brunt of the work. I not only do yoga but I do aerial silks and pole as well. My feet don't swell but they do get bruised really bad so I wear these when I need quick relief from the pain. It helps me recover much faster than if I don't use them. They come in a pack of 2 and can be ordered in various sizes. You can also get them in black or gray. I ordered the gray pair and enjoy wearing them to my classes as they are cute and functional. I couldn't be any happier with this product!

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