Thyroid Support + Iodine

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THYROID ENERGY TO LIVE YOUR LIFE - Say goodbye to sluggish days and toss and turn nights. Working with the natural chemicals and hormones in your body, this formula helps you master your metabolism improving sleep and daytime energy

BOOST METABOLISM & LOSE WEIGHT - Is it time to naturally boost your metabolism? - The ingredients in our formula are clinically proven to increase the calories you burn at rest, improve your energy levels, and end unhealthy food cravings! Now you can enjoy increased energy levels, even as your body craves less food.

ZAP BRAIN FOG & IMPROVE SLEEP - Proper thyroid function helps you enjoy increased concentration, motivation, and productivity. You'll feel our potent thyroid supplement start to work in just days as you say goodbye to constant sluggishness, tiredness and depression.
NATURAL CLINICALLY TESTED INGREDIENTS - includes a potent blend of L-Tyrosine, Iodine, B-Vitamins, copper, magnesium, and traditional Chinese herbs. Each ingredient is clinically tested and every bottle is made in at an FDA registered facility.
'YOU KEEP THE BOTTLE' GUARANTEE - Even though you'll go from foggy and tried to full of energy in just a few days, we're prepared to send your money back and let you keep the bottle if you're not satisfied. Now is the time to finally experience increased stamina, more energy, and better sleep.
First of all, don't take any supplements without speaking to your doctor or physician first. While I have gone through the ringer with doctors and medications, my thyroid is continuing to stay up to par. I believe the reason for that is not only how much I work out but how well I eat and all the foods that contain vitamins and minerals to keep it going strong. For those that aren't as fortunate as I am, you can boost your thyroid with this great supplement. 2 capsules daily and you will have a boosted metabolism, more energy, and better well-being. Not only will you find the extra energy but you may even find those extra pounds falling off of you too. Everyone is different so don't expect the same results but it's worth a try to make your thyroid work better and make you feel better!

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