Twisty Tie-Free Balloon Kit Review

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Need balloons at your next party to last about 8 hours with no tying?
Tired of blowing them up, tying them, and having them float away?
Want to save money with reusable balloons and easy-to-use tie-free discs?

Save time decorating with this set that is totally reusable!

20 - 2-inch Twisty plastic reusable discs with 1 main section for tying and untying and 2 small inserts for easy hanging.
20 - 7-inch latex Balloons that will last up to 8 hours when blown up and are reusable using the Twisty.
Why is the TWISTY'S TIE-FREE BALLOON KIT the Best Way To Instantly Tie Balloons?
  • SAVE TIME Using the Twisty, you do not have to spend time tying every balloon when decorating.
  • SAVE MONEY ; Never buy balloons again! These balloons in various colors and the discs can be reused over and over again!
  •  EASY TO USE ; Each Twisty disc comes with two slot hooks to be used for hanging the balloon, saving frustration & time when decorating.
  •  KID FRIENDLY ; Children ages 3 & older can use this product, allowing them to help participate in party festivities.
  • GUARANTEED ; If you are not 100% satisfied, contact us immediately so we can rectify the issue.
Having the right tool makes the difference with the TWISTY TIE-FREE BALLOON KIT!
This essential & easy-to-use pack is for those who love parties but don’t have time to set them up.;
Product includes:
20 – Plastic Twisty Discs
20 ; Latex Balloons
1 ; Instructions
Have you ever wanted to throw a fun party or decorate for someone's birthday but you don't want to have to struggle with tying balloons? I can blow up as many balloons as I want but I just hate the time it takes to tie them! This alleviates all the stress of balloon tying! You get 20 balloons as well as 20 plastic twisty discs. They are easily to put on and they'll last for a good 8 hours before you'll need to redo them. But it helps to make any party a piece of cake to set up for! I recommend them for anyone.
*I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review*
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