500 Lumen Flashlight

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✔ FLASHLIGHT & LANTERN IN YOUR POCKET: The Gmetal-5's key feature is the innovative dual function design as a flashlight and a lantern. The side LED Lantern allows for soft even light dispursement to light up your close range surrounding. Stand the Gmetal-5 upright or hook the lanyard to let it hang for total hands free lantern capability

✔ READY FOR WORK OR COMBAT: Strike Bezel ends + Blinding 500 Lumens for protection in emergency situations. Also perfect for lighting up entire rooms or for close range area making this the most versatile lighting tool to keep around. Perfect for all outdoor activities - camping, hiking, biking, running, working in the fields - a perfect companion for hunters, divers (as it's waterproof), police officers, forest guards, parents, night shift workers

✔ SAVE MONEY OVER TIME: USB rechargeable. Save money and never buy another battery again. Charge quickly at any USB outlet. This set comes complete with a Night Provision 3.7v 2300mAh protected rechargeable battery, Micro USB cable, Full charge indicator charger, and Lanyard. Resilient Design; Waterproof IPX-5 & Shock Resistant up to 1 meter

✔ RELIABLE AMERICAN MADE CREE LED: 50,000 Hours of Use - Cree XPE LED allow this compact EDC flashlight/lantern to deliver a max 500 Lumens of raw blinding lighting power

✔ WIN - WIN SITUATION: Night Provision™ Lifetime Warranty Guarantee. A 100% no hassle, no questions asked, money back guarantee for a lifetime. We are so confident and serious about our products that we can back it with a 100% Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee
This is a really great flashlight. My husband has a thing for flashlights. The brighter, the better. He loves this flashlight because not only is it waterproof but it is also shock resistant. When we are hiking at night or getting up early to watch the sunrise, if the hike is difficult it can get hit on the rocks. No longer do we have to worry about breaking a good flashlight. It's bright, it's battery is rechargeable, and it has a nice lanyard that comes with it. It's nothing but a great flashlight.
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