Book Review: December Boys

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Jay Porter, the newest employee at NorthEastern Insurance in New Hampshire, is investigating an accident claim when he learns the teenager behind the wheel was arrested for minor drug possession and sentenced to a hardcore behavioral modification center. At the county courthouse, Jay meets Nicki, a young college intern, who tips him off to a possible scandal—first-time juvenile offenders being shipped to private institutions for political kickbacks. He learns that long-time family nemeses, Adam and Michael Lombardi, may have a stake in the scheme. Is Jay’s mission to help these kids a legitimate crusade? Or is his thirst for revenge driven by the guilt he feels over his own junkie brother’s death? These questions conspire to tear apart tranquility and drive a wedge between Jay and his wife Jenny. With help from new friend Nicki, and a couple of old friends, Jay finds himself thrust back into a past he had hoped to leave behind, putting everything—and everyone he loves—at risk in pursuit of the truth.

My friends that know me know of my collection of books that sits beside me on the night stand as well as the pile of books that sits in the living room bookcase. I love to read whenever I get that chance and having insomnia, that gives me a reason to read late at night. I also tend to read young adult novels or books based on movies. This isn't either of those so it's new for me to read a genre like this. I will say, I highly enjoyed it. Without giving away the story, December Boys is a very fast paced story in which I couldn't put the book down. There are so many questions wondering through your head about who, what, when, and most importantly, why? Do yourself a favor and purchase this book for yourself. You really won't be disappointed in it!

December Boys is on sale for $.99 through June 13th, 2016!
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