Chefast Herb Scissors

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THE PERFECT SET: Why compromise on a standard product, when you can get a complete bundle that gives you much more? Get amazing value with our 5-blade herb scissors, two drawstring herb bags, and safety cover with a cleaning comb. All items are packed in a stylish box you'd love to get or give as a present. Order today and you'll also get our natural herbs eBook delivered directly to your email after completing your purchase!
YOUR SECRET WEAPON: Cut and chop herbs with our multi-blade scissors directly into any dish without tedious work. Tired of cleaning your cutting board and knife time after time? With our cleaning comb, no mess will be left behind when you chop herbs. Simply insert the tip of the comb between the blades to push off the remaining herbs in a snap!
PREMIUM MATERIALS ONLY: We don't compromise on quality! Our 5-blade scissors are manufactured using food grade stainless steel and arrive with a TPR interior handle designed for comfort and easy grip. Top quality guaranteed!
HOW WE'RE DIFFERENT: At Chefast, we aim to provide you with the best buying experience. When you purchase from us, you get premium products in beautifully-designed packaging. Plus, we truly care about making our customers happy. With our herb scissors set, you won't only get the perfect kitchen gadget - you will enjoy nothing less than a perfect buying experience!
I have been looking for a great pair of herb scissors now that I have a bunch of chives growing on the patio. They get out of control so I have to go out and cut them about once a week. The problem is, I was never able to actually find a great pair of scissors to cut and cook with. I would have to cut them multiple times or they would stick to the scissors too much. These work great for cutting everything from chives to cilantro. They cut them in the perfect sizes so that you don't have to worry about some being too big or too small. They are easy to clean and come with a fancy cap to cover the scissors. I couldn't be happier with this product and highly recommend them for any kitchen!
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