Facial Sponges

by - 10:42 AM

Gold Cosmetics & Supplies is known for its High quality products. Our facial sponge is a high quality, super soft and absorbent compressed sponges (smoother than the standard cellulose sponges). They are very essential for facials, skin cleaning, makeup removal, applicable to liquid foundation, foundation cream, foundation and can also used as blending sponges. Our facial cleansing sponge expands in water or/and any liquid and turn from a long stick to a round 3.5 inch diameter facial sponge. In this order you get 50 pieces of facial sponges. High quality for low price.
These facial sponges are actually pretty fantastic. I wasn't sure what to expect upon receiving them as they were long thin stick looking sponges. After you get them wet, they turn into a soft round sponge. I wasn't expecting that to happen but I am glad that it changed my frame of mind of these sponges. They are great for removing make-up, freshening up, rinsing off grease and oil, or just to apply make up. They are great for anyone who is interested in cleaning or keeping their face clean. I highly recommend these to any and all! Plus, it comes in a pack of 50! You can't ask for anything better.
*You can purchase this product on AMAZON*
I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for an honest review.

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