Office Fun Frame

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KEEP YOUR HAPPIEST MEMORIES ALIVE: The FunMark office Fun Frame has been specially designed to help you keep your life's best experiences alive and feel elated while you work.

HAVE ALL YOUR OFFICE ACCESSORIES IN PLACE: This top notch picture frame features rubber wires that allow you to put pens, pencils and many other office accessories in it.

GIVE YOUR OFFICE YOUR PERSONAL TOUCH: Elevate your working space's decoration and add your personal style thanks to this unique picture frame.

ENJOY ITS VARIOUS USES AND IDEAL SIZE: The FunMark office Fun Frame is 8" X 10" and it is ideal for your every need. It is very lightweight and it does not take up a lot of space so you can put it on the wall or on your desktop, vertically and horizontally depending on your mood and your decorative ideas.

EXTREMELY EASY TO USE: The office Fun Frame will come to you ready for use and you will not need to assembly it. Just choose your favorite photos and bring color and style into your office!
This is a fun little frame for anyone who wants to spice of up their office space. The pictures that they show you on their Amazon page don't really show you how small it is. While 8x10 seems large, it's not very large to actually put pictures or staplers on. I think it is more for just putting post it notes or anything small that you don't want to lose. Maybe just a small picture or a collage of small photos. It's neat for a small space but nothing you would want to hang on a wall or anything. I think it would be good for a little girl who is getting to that age of being a "tween" and wants to decorate. But in regards to an office, it would only fit the small travel size objects like small scissors and post its. It's still cute though and can easily make any small space pop! I recommend it for those reasons!
*I received this product in exchange for an honest review*
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