Almond by EGOZ Mummy Sleeping Bag

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Tactical quality you expect from Egoz, built to last,
designed to keep you warm and comfortable
Great multi-use product for Survival, backpacking, biking, scouts,
camping, perfect for all Guide and Outfitters
Egoz Tactical 3 Season Sleeping Bag, Temp.
rated +30ºF to +40ºF, 190cm long + 30cm top and 75cm wide
100% Polyester with fill 100% Cotton
Easily rolls and stuffs into the included stuff sack
One of my favorite things to do in life is going camping. I adore spending time in nature and even more so spending time in nature with my husband. He wasn't much of an outdoorsy person before we met and I changed that the first week we were together by taking a trip to one of our local waterfalls and going hiking. Hiking turned into camping and camping turned into buying our first travel trailer. While we still love tent camping, it's nice having 4 walls to keep the elements out and be even more comfortable. We still have all our camping gear and keep it in the trailer for if friends come with us but for now, we use all of the same stuff except the air mattress and tent. Getting this sleeping bag was great because I freeze at night and while we have lots of blankets, I am always cold. Now, I am even more comfortable because I have this great sleeping bag to keep me warm. It's rated for 30-40 degrees which is great because anything colder than that and it's not necessarily comfortable for camping. This sleeping bag fits perfectly in the stuff sack and is small enough for backpacking. I highly recommend this sleeping bag for any outdoor enthusiast. Not a complaint from me at all!

 *I received this product in exchange for an honest review*
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