Bark Collar

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Benefits of our All-in-One Dog No Bark package:
When your dog barks for the first time, the collar issues a soft caution tone.
If the barking continues after 30 seconds, it issues a louder tone.
If the barking persists, the collar emits an intense tone along with the first mild shock.
If barking continues, the collar continues to emit increased warning tones & shocks up to seven repetitions.
After the seventh shock, the collar stops functioning for 1 minute & automatically resets to the softest "tone only" warning.

Over time, the dog will learn their behavior triggers the tones & shocks, stopping them from barking.
The sensitivity of the collar can be adjusted via the electrodes.

For being a small box, it sure came with a bunch of stuff. It's great for anyone who wants to stop their dog from barking. It's extremely useful because of the fact you can use it for long fur or short fur dogs. You won't have to worry about having the neighbors think your dog is annoying. Heck, I wish every pet owner would purchase one of these collars!
*I received this product in exchange for an honest review*
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