Bike Seat Cover

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✔DON'T LET THE PAIN GET IN YOUR TRACK - Working out and getting fit is a pleasure, but feeling pain is not. We at Bikeroo want to make sure working out on your bike feels good

✔FUN AND PAINLESS TRAINING: During our studies 44% of people gave up cycling because they felt pain in the back. We are committed in helping people overcome that and get in perfect shape

✔WIDE SEAT COVER - This size will fit most exercise bikes and cruiser bikes but please check dimensions just to be sure

✔BENEFIT FROM LIFETIME WARRANTY - All Bikeroo products benefit from lifetime warranty

✔NO MORE SECOND DAY SORE - Usually the next day after a bike ride, spin class or exercise bike workout sometimes you barely move until the pain goes away. Avoid the pain and don't let the pain stop you in your goals
I unfortunately have broken my ankle and am limited from doing pretty much anything including riding our bikes, but just from giving this a quick try on my bike, it fits really well. I can't say too much yet just because it's only been sitting on it and not actually riding my bike but in this instance, I like it. It's very cushioned and wide. It won't fit your typical mountain bike but it does fit our cruisers. You can even put it on a riding exercise bicycle and it will work just as well as on your bikes. I highly recommend this for anyone who wants a more comfortable bike seat just for comfort reasons.
*I received this product in exchange for an honest review*
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