Book Review: War of Rain & The Godess: A War of Rain

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War of Rain

Fifteen year-old Miri lives in a desert village called Boreala, which competes with the city of Stratos for Rain – the equivalent of Holy Water. During a confrontation while gathering Rain, Miri accidentally kills a citizen of Stratos, and unintentionally starts a heinous war. Now it is up to her to find the God of Rain, Kalono, and ask Him for an invention that can bring both peace and war before Boreala is destroyed.

The Goddess: A War of Rain 

Sixteen year-old Clara and her two brothers have a secret – one that could destroy their commune if anyone found out. When a race of people, thought to be long-extinct, appears outside their home, their secret is exposed. In the same day, a strange woman “spills” out of the computer that powers the commune, and claims to be the Goddess that they all worship, incarnated into flesh and blood to warn of an approaching war. Clara’s world is soon turned upside-down as the woman’s prediction is fulfilled, causing her to question everything she’s ever known about her life and beliefs.
Both of these novels are a pretty interesting read for me as it's not something I typically pick up. While I still consider myself a young adult (27 is a young adult right?) I still tend to read young adult novels. On my night stand right now are a couple of novels consisting of Mrs. Peregrine, John Green novels, Where She Went, and a collection of the Wicked Will Rise. I took a break from those and read the novels I was gifted with; The War of Rain and The Goddess: A War of Rain. As I lay there in bed reading the ebooks, something I also typically do not do because I prefer the hardcover books, I thought about how I was already intrigued with these stories from the start of chapter 1. I am not the type of person who likes to give away the stories, so I won't go into too much detail, but I'll give you a brief summary of my thoughts on both novels and then you can read them for yourself to compare.
Beginning with  War of Rain, this novel is about a 15 year old Miri. She grows up in a world where the Earth has become almost toxic. On the other hand, Rain, the only source of clean water can only be occurring through prayer. Although they live in a demised planet, they do live peacefully. The other side; the Stratos barbarians, are known for being violent and terroristic. It makes it hard to pray for rain because of this. Unfortunately, Miri sparks a war when she ended up killing one of the barbarians. This is where it gets really interesting and where I'll actually leave off from saying any further. I couldn't put it down and found myself staying up all night just to find out what happens next. You will not be disappointed even if you haven't read this genre before!
The Goddess of Rain is very similar in terms of how well written it is. This is the sequel to War of Rain and is every bit just as great. The characters are Clara and her two brothers, who ultimately have a secret that they try to hide. I won't tell that secret due to the fact that it would give away the entire story, but it is one that you would never expect. I couldn't put this novel down and have already passed this to another friend to read because I was just that much in love with it. I cannot say enough great things about the author and the way she writes. It leaves you wanting more before you finish...


H. W. Vivian is the author of the YA fictions, Chasers and War of Rain. Her latest work, The Goddess: A War of Rain Novel, was released in May 2016. She is also the author of the adult humor fiction, Days of Amber, which she published under the pseudonym, Alex Chu. Her next novel, Monarchs, will be released in late 2016. On her downtime, she enjoys sampling vegetarian dishes and taking walks with music blasting in her ears.  

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