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Canisters Sets of 4 plastic storage containers
BPA free food saver & dishwasher safe

 Airtight containers keeps your food fresh for much longer
than traditional containers and its great food saver containers

kitchen canister sets plastic food containers dishwasher safe

kitchen canisters plastic storage containers is great for kitchen storage containers
Also great for use in the garage, sewing room, play room and more
While these are not a top of the line canister set, they do the job nicely and are great for a variety of things. I like to keep cookies and candies in the jars because I know they won't last too terribly long in our house. These would be great for crafts or for the garage. I wouldn't be something like rice in here only because it isn't extremely air tight. But as far as they go, they are great for the price and can make any room look nice. I recommend them for keeping a kitchen or sewing room organized.
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