Dog Training Collar

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Rainproof Rechargeable LCD Shock Control Pet Dog Training Collar

The Esky EP-R300-C1 is more advanced than equivalent rechargeable dog collars on the market. This is the upgraded model of the older Esky Dog Training Collar. High-quality and Comfort: The remote is made of durable, matte material for a more comfortable fit and feel. It contains top quality internal components and regulator chip in the collar to ensure durability.

Easy to Use
It takes only a second to turn on the remote.
Used carefully and compassionately, it can serve to make dog training more effective. It goes through the phases of Beep, Vibration, then Shock to better condition the pet and give the owner full control of the training process.
New features of the remote transmitter:
- Made of fine frosted matte material
- It takes only a second to turn on the remote from sleep mode

New features of the collar receiver:
- Improved charging IC - internal controls
- New belt colors

This dog training collar is fantastic. It allows you to actually put the collar on a different collar if you would like to that way it's not obvious that you are using a dog training collar. It's very easy to assemble and even easier to use. Comes with everything you could possibly need for this collar and to get the best training out of it for your dog. No more of that dog not listening to you!
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