Maple Tree Canvas Photo

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What is Dual View Eco Light Technology
Dual-View paintings are high resolution printings which absorb light during the day and at night emit a calming low light glowing effect. This effectively gives you two completely different pieces of art in one. It will be a great way to start a conversation with all your visitors who will notice your fine art. The special ink we use for printing is ecologically friendly and does not contain any phosphorus.

The lighting images charge with luminous energy from any source of natural or artificial light, after a previous exposure of 25 minutes approximately. The process requires no work from you! Simply hang your canvas wherever you desire, and then come night, observe the stunning new aspect of your new art piece!

Great for children or low lit areas!
Our canvases are especially great for children as we feature many images that are child friendly. Then at night, your child can continue to not only view their special wall hanging, but can also be comforted by the gentle and peaceful light that emanates from it making it a natural "night light".

WANT to add a touch of flamboyance to your home?
Every piece has been custom chosen and designed to bring viewing pleasure to you, your family and visitors to your home or business.
This unique canvas wall art fits perfectly in your dream house day and night!

This canvas painting is simply amazing. Before I even mention the glow in the dark part, I should describe the photo itself. It's fairly large. It's just about 2ftx3ft so it would look good just about anywhere. We are still trying to find the perfect spot for it, but it will probably go above our fireplace. The colors are vibrant and beautiful. Now to the glow in the dark part of the canvas. When you put the canvas in bright light (outside light is preferred) and return it to the dark, the tree is glowing a beautiful subtle glow. It's outlined so it's nothing fancy but still pretty cool if you think of it. After all is said and done, this canvas would make a fantastic gift for anyone or just a house warming gift for friends just moving in somewhere. The maple tree canvas is a fantastic addition to any home or office place. I highly recommend it for anyone looking to spruce up a place.
*I received this product in exchange for an honest review*
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