Pasta Pal

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Make delicious, healthy pasta in minutes! This versatile ravioli maker turns any home cook into a pasta virtuoso. Ravioli, Pierogi, Dumplings, and more are fast and easy to make, no experience needed.
Impress your guests with elegant goat cheese and asparagus ravioli in brown butter, or have fun making veggie-stuffed dumplings with the kids. The versatile Pasta Pal lets you add all your favorite pasta dishes to your everyday meal lineup. Traditional Polish uszka stuffed with mushrooms, Latvian fried pelmeni, and even Cantonese-style shrimp wontons are quick and easy to make thanks to the innovative Pasta Pal.

Pasta Pal removes the frustrating and time consuming parts of making homemade pasta and makes it fun and easy. The plates gently shape your pasta and release without tearing, so you'll have perfect presentation every time.

Made from food-safe plastic for a reason - Pasta Pal will never tarnish or oxidize as some aluminum tools will, leaving unappetizing dark streaks on your dough. The high-quality plastic is easy to clean and guaranteed to last a lifetime.

✓ 12-place tray
✓ 3 press plates / cutters
✓ Food-safe plastic
✓ Bonus Pasta Pal Guide, Homemade Ravioli Tips, and recipe ebook
✓ Top-shelf dishwasher safe
✓ Money-back guarantee

This is something new for me to try out. I love cooking and I love experimenting with new recipes. One thing I have never done is make ravioli or pirogues. This set comes with a variety of accessories. The one thing I love the most about this is that it includes the recipe for not only the dough but the filling as well. It makes it easier for trying something out the first time if you have a fool proof recipe. I highly recommend this for anyone who likes cooking and wants to try out Italian food!
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