2 Motorycycle Intercom Bluetooth Kits

by - 1:35 PM

Great for motorcycles, paintball, atvs, etc
Full Duplex Wirless Bluetooth Handsfree Intercom Communication
Bridge Device For 4 Way Conference Intercom Talk

 Plug Earphone & Microphone In Helmet - Fits Into The Ear
Well Of All Standard Helmets up to 160km/h Speed
Up to 9 Hours Talk Time, 150 Hours Standby
Time between All of Them At Same Time
3,810 Feet Intercom Range A2DP Bluetooth for Wireless Music &
Audio GPS Direction Knob Control For Easy Operation

 Auto Receiving Cellphone Calls & Intercom Calls
3.5mm Line-In For External Audio Device Or Wired Connect To Two
Way Radio Device Waterproof Design, Handles All Weather Conditions
These are really great kits and are easy to set up, if they fit your helmet. They don't fit easily into my helmet or my husbands helmet but with a little but of work, he was able to make shift them into a working and functional Bluetooth system in our helmets. They come with everything you need for a great ride being able to communicate with another rider. They are really clear with very little interruption or static feedback. Aside from not fitting easily, I have zero complaints with this product.
*I received this product in exchange for an honest review*
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