Advanced Prostate

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CCL Advanced Prostate has a special blend of natural herbs and many other beneficial ingredients to promote a healthier prostate. Upstages Saw Palmetto. Works in less than 12 days.

 CCL Advanced Prostate increases the time between going, stronger urinary flow, better bladder emptying, better prostate function, increases energy levels, and is all natural and safe.

 CCL Advanced Prostate contains the active ingredient Epilobium. Epilobium extract is used around the world for the treatment of prostate, bladder (incontinence) and hormone disorders. Clinical studies have revealed that Epilobium may promote prostate health.

 Traditional uses for Epilobium includes treatment for enlarged prostate, inflammation of the prostate (prostatitis), gastrointestinal disorders, kidney and bladder disorders, ****** bleeding, menstrual disorders, cystitis, urinary infections, diarrhea, mouth lesions and irritable bowel syndrome.

 GMP Certified (Good Manufacturing Practice). Made in the USA.
This isn't my usual type of product that I use for reviews but I wasn't going to turn down a sponsored post. My husband is getting up there in age. He just turned 40 a couple months ago and even though he is spry and can keep up with me (12 years younger) when we go on our hikes, skiing trips, and other adventures, there is nothing like being proactive. With doctors consent, he gave the spray an open mind and tried it out. The main ingredient is Epilobium. This is used for prostate, bladder and hormone disorders among many other things. There is an interesting taste to it which you can get over if you spray it enough. You can also put it in water. While he hasn't had prostate issues, he does notice a difference in his bowels after just a few days use. He recommends this with doctors approval.
*I received this product in exchange for an honest review*
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