Baby Sleeper

by - 5:32 PM

Keep your baby cozy during naptime and all night long with our 100% soft jersey cotton enclosed sleeper.

Upside down zipper: the zipper opens bottom to top for easy diaper changes (zip downward to close, and zip up to open), with built-in cover, so no cold zipper touches baby's chin or neck!

The spacious enclosed design allows freedom of movement while keeping your baby's hands and feet always inside their cozy sleeper.

Small: (newborn)0-3 months, Large: 3-6 months

Measurements for Small: 18.5" length x 20" wingspan/arm length x 10.5" middle width/torso, neck circumference: 10.5". Measurements for Large: 22" length x 26" wingspan/arm length x 13" middle width/torso, neck circumference: 12.5".

This cute little sleeper is great for all of your babies needs. It's super soft and cozy! It's also got the cutest chevron design to it. This would be a great gift for any expecting parents!

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