Basic Cotton Tank Top

by - 1:16 PM

This tank top is your basic tank top in racer back form. It's a one size fits most tank top but I can tell you that this will not fit most people. For me, it fits great since I usually wear a small or medium in tee shirts and tanks but for those who are larger, this won't fit comfortably. It's also 100% cotton so it will be even smaller after you wash it for the first time. I wouldn't wear this in terms of exercise because it is just a simple cotton that is non-breathable but if you are wearing it for a day out or wearing it just as a shirt to relax in at home, it'll be perfect. The color is also nice as it's a darker shade of grey and also a light purple, so it fits with a good pair of jeans or a pair of shorts. I have no complaints!
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