Doggy Toothbrush Pack

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Next Level Pet Triple Value Toothbrush Pack: The Most Trusted Dental Hygiene Brand for All Your Pets Needs.
According to the American Veterinary Dental College, it is important to brush you dogs teeth every day. It has a tremendous effect on their comfort and health. But, having a vet brush your dog's teeth can be expensive and often ineffective in the long term. That is because your dog needs to be brushed 2-7 days per week! With our dog toothbrush variety pack, you can now learn to brush your dogs teeth.

Here is what you get in our triple value set.

A double ended toothbrush - This comfortable brush has 2 brush sizes built in for small dogs and large dogs. It can also be used for brushing multiple dogs or front and back teeth.

A super soft rubber silicon finger brush - This finger brush can be a great starting place for your dog and promotes excellent gum health with tartar removal.

A medium bristle finger brush - Some pets prefer finger brushes over longer brushes. It offers extra control while maintaining your canine's health.

Our recipes guide - We believe if you want to take the experience to the next level, It's best to make your own toothpaste. Store-bought toothpaste can become expensive and even contain unsafe chemicals. That's why we've created a library of tried and true pet toothpastes.

A happy pet - Teeth aren't often on the forefront of a pet owner's mind when trying to stay healthy. We seek out quality food, routine checkups, and plenty of fitness, but dental care is just as important.

I have been around some people with pets who have the worst smelling breathe. It's probably one of the reasons why I don't like dogs. My friends have pets and keep them in good shape by brushing their teeth frequently but I figured this would help make cleaning easier. This pack comes with everything you need to help keep your pets teeth clean. It has a double sided tooth brush, two different sized brushes for your fingers, and the easy capability to brush your dogs teeth. They are easily cleaned after use and are perfectly sized for a variety of your dogs mouths. The other wonderful thing about this product and company is the variety of recipes they have for toothpaste for your pup. They are all natural and most people will find they have everything they need to make them in their kitchen cabinets.
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