Genuine Leather Gym Bag

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Embassy™ Italian Stone™ Design Genuine Leather 22-1/2" Gym Bag
There are 3 things you need when going to the gym: a pair of shoes, a comfortable outfit and a great gym bag. That’s where we can help. Our super bag features zippered end saddlebags that expose a big, roomy storage compartment to store dirty gym clothes, shoes or sweaty towels, mesh pocket for water bottle, and cellphone holder. Also features padded carrying handles.
Top of the bag has a zippered flap that opens wide for easy packing.
You will love the convenience of multiple pockets and the detachable shoulder strap.
 Measures 22-1/2" x 10-3/4" x 10".
This is a one of a kind gym bag. It's genuine leather which makes for a great looking and economical bag. It has a pocket for your water bottle and cell phone as well as a large storage compartment in the center so you can fit clothes, shoes, and towels. It also has the strap to where you can hold it over your shoulder like a messenger bag. If you don't want to use it for the gym, it's great for traveling or even flying on the airplane. It would be great for any day to day activity and I highly recommend it.
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