Gun Cleaning Kit

by - 8:00 PM

ALL-IN-ONE: Universal cleaning accessory kit for used
for all types of shotguns, rifles and pistol cleaning

 6 RODS: 3x aluminum shotgun rods and 3x aluminum rifle rods

 10 DIFFERENT SIZED BRUSHES: 10x Brass cleaning brush for different size -
(10/12, 20/28, 410, 45, 40, 357/38, 17, 30, 270/280, 22)

 5 COTTON BRUSHES: 5x cotton cleaning Brush
(10/12, 20/28, 410, 357/38, 22)

 DURABLE CARRYING CASE: Comes with a durable
 aluminum carrying case for easy portability

The first thing I have to say is that this is a really great case. It has everything you need to clean your guns (or in our case, our multiple guns) The case is sturdy and has a space for each of the compartments. It makes it easier to transport as well. I can't complain about anything when it comes to the contents and the customer service. I highly recommend this product.
*I received this product in exchange for an honest review*
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