Hair Straightening Brush

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Tired of curls and frizzes while wanting flat, smooth, and silky hair?

~ INSTANT HEAT AND LOCK - Heat up to a maximum of 450F in 90 seconds! Once the brush reaches the setting chosen, it will lock the buttons and stay at that temperature, shutting off after 30 minutes if unused.

~ UNIVERSAL ADAPTER – Switch the heat selection from Fahrenheit to Celcius with the click of a button. Being UL and ETL certified, its 110-220V options work anywhere.
~ LED SCREEN DISPLAY - Choose the desired setting for the brush. The red numbers on the screen will blink while heating; when it reaches the desired temperature, the numbers will be solid.
~ FIRMLY ATTACHED HEAT INSULATION TIPS - Our attached tips prevent your scalp and hair from getting burned, giving you the ability to straighten your hair from the roots to the tips.

* Use this product on dry, clean, and moist-free hair.
* Adjust the heat setting (250℉ for fine hair to 450℉ for thick hair).
* Use the brush and comb by sliding them slowly along the hairs, allowing the ionic steam to condition the hair.
* When styling, use brush strokes beginning on the outward layers of your hair going inward, starting at the roots and working your way toward the ends.

I have really thick hair and it takes forever to straighten it with a typical brush and straightener. The hair brush straightener is my favorite item when styling my hair. I can go from frizzy to straight in less than 15 minutes. It heats up quickly compared to other brushes I have tried and makes styling my hair a piece of cake. It does come with an attachment to help you brush your hair more but I didn't even find the need to use that because it worked so well. I love this brush so much and highly recommend it for everyone who wants to make straightening their hair a breeze!
*I received this product in exchange for an honest review*
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