IntelliGLASS Screen Protector

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Ever wondered what your phone is directing your way each time you pick it up?

No, we don't mean that endless stream of posts, texts, and calls that seem to light up your screen all day long. No, we are talking about radiation.

intelliGLASS AR Screen Protectors have been shown to reduce Cell Phone Radiation Levels directed towards your head up to 69% by an independent lab!

One of the downsides of today's technology is our constant exposure to radio frequencies emitted from our devices. With that in mind, we set out to create a screen protector that would do double duty - protect both you and your screen.

We have succeeded with intelliGLASS AR. This screen protector has shown in independent testing that it can reduce the amount of radiation sent toward your head between 30% to 69%!

This super thin premium glass screen protection provides maximum ease for your iPhone 6/6S in applying and using. Your HD display remains crystal clear, while the touch sensitivity you need to work, use social media, play games, and communicate remains top notch. The intelliGLASS AR resists smudges and smears with a highly effective oleophobic coating. It keeps your phone looking great!

Safety For You and Your phone in One Easy to Use Product!

* Ultra clear and responsive
* Satisfaction Guaranteed
* Premium protection from drops and scratches
* Maximize resale value
* Bubble free installation

Each intelliGLASS kit includes a COMPLETE PROTECTION PACKAGE with retail packaging, microfiber cloth, cleaning wipe, and dust removal stickers

The intelliGLASS phone cover is one of the best covers you will ever find. I read other reviews wondering why so many people gave it 3 and 4 stars when it clearly deserves 5, but than I realized they took down stars for things like not being able to line up the home button and what not. That is not an issue with this cover at all. That is more so a user defect and not the actual case itself. It's very easy to line up and makes it a really great screen protector. I don't have any issues when using the buttons nor any issues with the touch screen. The glass makes it easy to clean and even easier to protect yourself from radiation that emits naturally from the phone. Make sure to clean your phone well with the provided wipe and cloth because anything below the surface will ruin the integrity of the case. I really have nothing bad to say about this product NOR the company. They have great customer service and great products that should last a lifetime with proper care.
*I received this product in exchange for an honest review*
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