Meat Mallet

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✔HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL - Made of heavy duty, food-grade solid zinc alloy material, 100% food-safe, rust-proof; Soften your meat with the most effective tenderizer in the market.
✔COMFORTABLE HANDLE - Soft handle that absorbs maximum pressure for comfortable operation. Easy to use with more efficiency than most other tenderizers.
✔DIFFERENT DOUBLE SIDES - One side has 36 small pins for pounding and tenderizing. Another side has 16 bigger pins for cutting off the fresh meat fibers. Choose different side for maximum action tendering with each hit !
✔WIDE RANGE OF USES - Use for tenderizing or flattening chicken, beef, pork, or venison. A hanging loop on bottom helps to save space of storage. Fits in kitchen drawer or hangs on a hook.
✔EASY TO CLEAN - Dish washer safe, All you have to do is place it into your dishwasher for fast and perfect cleaning. Or simply put it under running water for a few seconds. So cleanup is a breeze!
With all the cooking I do, it's surprising to find out that I did not have a meat mallet prior to this. I actually have found very ingenious ways to pound meat and break up nuts. Using the wooden rolling pin for example makes for a decent way to pound the meat but also gets holes in the back you are pounding. This mallet is great for a variety of things from pounding steaks to make country fried steak or using it to beat chicken into thinner pieces for pastas. I highly recommend this high quality meat mallet for all of your meat pounding needs.
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