Men's Tungsten Wedding Band

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METEL FOR MEN: EXTREMELY TOUGH AND HARD, twice as hard as steel and up to four times as hard as titanium, harder than any precious metal and almost all gemstones, highly scratch-resistant. NEVER CHICKEN OUT AND ALWAYS DURABLE, born in a furnace at 2,400 degrees Fahrenheit, outstanding stain and rust resistant. PROTECTIVE LIKE A MAN, hypoallergenic and cobalt free to protect your skin from any harm. It's INDUSTRIAL, and it just shouts REAL GUY.

SPICE UP YOUR LOOK WITH SOPHISTICATED STYLE: CLASSIC DESIGN, smooth contrast of brushed center and polished shiny beveled edges, gleaming in absolute elegance, lifetime of polish, texture and style that will capture the eye of all those who see it. EXQUISITE CRAFTSMANSHIP, hand crafted and undergoes a 30-stage precision grinding format, provides optimal comfort because it was made that way by rounding the inside edges which results in for a smooth surface.

PERFECT FOR wedding gift, wedding bands, engagement rings, Valentine's Day gift, birthday etc.

 BEST MONEY EVER SPENT-What You Get: TAN'S tungsten carbide ring+ elegant and refined gift box+ professional jewelry caring support+ other friendly customer service. 
Tungsten rings are all the rage these days because of just how durable they are. My husband and I picked out a tungsten ring years ago when we got married and it is still holding on start 3 years later. (August will be our 3 year wedding anniversary) I wanted to find a ring for my friend who is getting married and I knew that tungsten would be the key because he is a park ranger so he needed something tough and durable but pretty looking too. This ring has a gorgeous 2 toned stripe which makes it more unique than a plain tungsten ring. I highly recommend this for anyone getting married and wants a ring that will stand up to the test of time, also known as marriage. It's a great ring for all!
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