Music Jewelry Box

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WIND UP MECHANISM - Enjoy instant "play on demand" with this musical jewelry box. No batteries required to enjoy countless hours of the classic melody "Swan Lake" everytime the lid is opened.

KEEPSAKE JEWELRY BOX - Young girls are sure to treasure their first ballerina music box. The roomy compartments, hinged top, ornamental clasp, interior mirror and twirling ballerina are guaranteed to delight!
Exterior of the jewelry box is beautifully decorated in ballerinas dancing among clouds of pink pastels

COMPACT and LIGHTWEIGHT - Girl's musical jewelry box measures 6" sq. x 4"H - just right for little hands! Sturdy, durable cardboard keeps fingers from getting pinched unlike cumbersome wooden boxes.

ROOMY INTERIOR AND COMPARTMENTS - Interior of the child's music box can hold larger keepsakes and jewelry. Drawered compartments in front and back of box holds tiny treasures like charms and necklaces.

This is an adorably cute music box for any little girl. It's not very big which is good because little girls don't have much jewelry as it is. It's made out of a thick cardboard so it's not overly fancy but it's just perfect for a first music box. It has a couple different compartments that slide out and can hold quite a bit of smaller sized jewelry. It would make a great gift for birthdays or Christmas even.
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