Waxon Ware Sauce Pan

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Introducing STONETEC- The latest and safest in granite/ceramic coating technology made of natural earthly stone minerals ,the STONETEC sauce pan by WaxonWare is becoming the number one leading ceramic coated sauce pan in the world.

During it's design and manufacturing process we made sure to create a green No-PFOA, No-Lead, and No-Cadmium pan that will change your mindset on how cookware is made and used in the entire world.

Made of high grade pressed aluminum 3003 alloy and encapsulated with a strong and powerful magnetized induction bottom then coated with our leading and patented STONETEC coating technology, WaxonWare's sauce pans are a state-of-the-art addition to your kitchen.

With it's amazing non-stick properties and colorful design, the WaxonWare pan allows you to make soups and sauces, boil, braise and even saute with very little amounts of oil moreover you now have the ability to cook with less than 50% of the water used before making the WaxonWare fry pan the leading water-less cooking equipment in the world, and that is to allow meat, chicken and seafood to stew in its own juices making your food tastier than ever.

As for cleaning the pan, once you're done just add cold tap water after the pan has totally cooled down to prevent warping and leave it for 5 minutes then use a soft sponge to remove oil residues, cleaning your cookware has never been more fun due to WaxonWare's unbelievable non stick 5 layer coating ensuring no food will ever stick on your pan.

This is one amazing pan. Not only is it great in that it is non-stick, it is perfect because you can use half the amount of water that you usually do. I like using this pan for steaming vegetables or cooking pastas. It's amazingly easily to clean and cooks the perfect foods at the right consistency. The other thing I love is the lid. It actually has a section on the lid that is cut out so that you can steam AND drain your pasta without leaving the pan. You don't burn your hand emptying the liquids either.
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