33" Jumbo Balloon

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Jumbo Gold "1" - made of mylar foil.Inflate with air to 33".
White and pink balloons - both made of latex. Inflate with air or helium to 11".
How to use? - inflate with Air to hang or Inflate with Helium to Float.
These balloons are self sealing.
The Balloon includes tabs for easy hanging with twine, string, or fishing line.
Great for backdrops,hanging banner, photo props, table decor & much more!
Reusable - these giant balloons add so much fun and excitement
to any event, they also make the perfect photo prop or backdrop.
They are refillable for multiple enjoyment.
This is a very large #1 balloon. The nice thing about this is that it is reusable, unlike most balloons. It comes with a number of white and pink balloons. You can easily replace the pink balloons with other balloons for whatever the reason. Black and white for graduation, blue and white for boys, or colors for events like green for lymphoma or red for heart attacks. This would be great for someone who is 1 year old or 1 year from a big event. For me, this would have been fun for celebrating my 1 year cancer free mark. But this is really a fantastic balloon and it stands up well with time. I highly recommend this balloon set for anyone looking for a stand up balloon! It's fantastic for all!
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