Fly Fishing Flies

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4 different colors a package. fishing flies
allows the option of fishing in various conditions

 Great for trout fishing along with other species fish

 Size is approx 0.8in/pc, 4pcs in a small plastic box.
24pcs small plastic boxes per package, 96pcs flies in total.

 96pcs/lot, send color at random

 Carbon Steel Hooks with feather fly fishing lures.

I just started fly fishing so I wanted to get some flies that I could use without feeling like I was going to lose out on money if I lost one or got it stuck on something. Therefore, when I was given the chance to review these flies, I jumped on it. While they are not the most realistic looking compared to those other name brand flies on the market, these are still made from high quality material. They do use quite a bit of water and depending on the size of the fish, the hook does bend. But for me, I am merely practicing so the fish I have been getting are small catch and release that fit easily on the hook. If you were to be catching larger fish, I would recommend a stronger hook. Other than that, these are great for practicing or newbies just going out for some small fish.
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