Kaffina Kaffee Dark Roast Coffee

by - 3:57 PM

PREMIUM QUALITY: 100% Pure High Quality Arabica Coffee Beans With Kosher Certified
COMPLEXITY: Dark Roasted Bean, A Full Body Coffee With Strong Character
CONVENIENCE: No grinder? No problem! Pre-ground, ready-to-brew
FRESH: beans are vacuum-sealed immediately after grinding to preserve freshness.
ENJOY ANYTIME: Perfect For everyday morning or an afternoon pick-me-up

While I am a tea drinker myself, I have many friends that are always coming over and rummaging through our fridge and cabinets. One thing we typically don't have on hand is coffee. That has changed with this dark roasted gourmet coffee. While the grounds aren't as dark as they would seem (more of a medium roast color) the coffee is still excellent tasting. One of my friends mentioned that this coffee has a great taste to it in which it tastes "fresh". I think that has to do with the vacuum sealed bag that it comes in. I now have coffee available for my friends when they come over whether it is at 9am or 2pm. Heck, they would even drink coffee when they come over after midnight. It's a delicious coffee according to everyone who has tried it so far and while I don't drink coffee, I value their opinions. It's a great high quality coffee for anyone who wants that extra boost of caffeine!
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