Mint Citrus Green Tea

by - 6:35 PM

This zesty green tea blend balances lemon citrus with lemongrass, lemon verbena
and mint to bring a vibrant, refreshing taste to a premium sencha green tea base.
Carefully crafted with the highest quality ingredients,
this isn't your typical box store tea blend.
We meticulously seek out quality ingredients to
provide a natural, true tea experience with a great taste.
I love tea. I think I love tea more than humanly possible. I prefer loose leaf tea but that doesn't stop me from using tea bags. This is a very large bag of loose leaf tea. I love it because I go through tea so quickly and they usually come in smaller sizes. This tea is very flavorful. Mint is one of my favorite flavors so to combine mint with a nice lemon and green tea is amazing. Your tastebuds don't know what hit them. For me, I taste more mint than anything which works well because as I mentioned, mint is my favorite. I take a serving size and place it in my tea infuser and let it sit for a couple minutes to steep. Once it smells amazing in my kitchen (2-3 minutes) I pour it in my cup and then place the remains of the tea in the fridge as I have found loose leaf tea works great for a second cup when it is refrigerated for later use. The same goes for this tea and I couldn't be more pleased.
*I received this product in exchange for an honest review*
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