Bible Safe Gel Highlighters

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Archival quality Bible Safe Gel Highlighters that are ideal for color coding Bibles.
Also safe for highlighting on any paper surfaces like study, text and legal books

6 bright neon colors that highlight while gliding smoothly across a page.
Twist-up gel stick design. Includes study guide and a storage pouch

 Applies easily and won't bleed, fade or smear over other inks.
Also won't dry out if left uncapped
These are bible safe highlighters. That said, they are ordinary highlighters. I used to be extremely religious and while I am no longer, these would be great for any bible. Now, the reason I wanted to review these were simply because of having a need for new highlighters. These highlight very smoothly and don't bleed through the paper. The nicest thing is the variety of colors. I really like having colorful, organized planners and papers so just a generic pink and yellow highlighter does not do it for me. I love how bright and vivid each pen is and how they don't mess up the previous writing or ink. It comes in a handy case that you can keep them in or you can put them in a pencil case like where I keep mine. Overall, these are great highlighters for use in a bible or other daily tasks. 
*I received this product in exchange for an honest review*
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