Bouchard Belgian Chocolates

by - 7:14 AM

Bouchard not only delivers chocolate products to private-label customers, but also supplies companies and catering establishments with chocolate products under its own brand label Bouchard. In small and large quantities, to be served with coffee, as promotional gifts or to be handed out during events, both in Belgium and abroad. We offer a wide range of carefully produced tasty pralines and neapolitans
These are the cutest little chocolates. I typically like dark chocolate and white chocolate, not a fan of milk chocolates in general so to be able to review dark chocolate was very exciting. Even more exciting was the fact that it is Belgian dark chocolate. It is very rich as it is 72% dark chocolate (YUM) and they are individually wrapped so you can have one and not feel guilty about it. I tried them out this past weekend while camping and put one on a smore. OH so good! I highly recommend
*I received this product in exchange for an honest review*
You can purchase this product at your local Costco or on their WEBSITE

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