DeepChill Large Portable Inflatable Lounger

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THE BEST SEAT IN THE HOUSE is saved for you with the DeepChill large hangout bag. Just 2 scoops of air will have you chilling-out in the dorm or reading in the back yard. Supports up to 400 lbs. when inflated.
WINDPROOF PEG and anchor loops let you secure your DeepChill inflatable beach lounger in windy conditions. Enjoy a refreshing ocean breeze without being blown away. Inflatable Lounger is available in your choice of Blue or Purple.
LIGHTWEIGHT, PORTABLE NYLON is durable and care-free. In its included backpack it measures just 14”x9”x3”. Fully inflated, your Inflatable Lounge is a roomy 102”x27”. Stores easily in your car for impromptu use.
YEAR-ROUND VERSATILITY as a spare bed in the den, and provides extra seating up off the ground at music festivals and family reunion picnics. This breezy air lounger comes with complete instructions for set-up, use and care.
I've seen these on television for so long and have been interested in reviewing one and sure enough, that chance came. Watching some reviews on youtube, it didn't look very easy to fill it up enough. It was running with it one side and then the other. The guy who did it didn't have much luck. This wasn't too bad to fill up but definitely had to run with it. After two tries, it was filled up enough. Considering we didn't have a breeze at all, I can't complain. It folds up small so it would be great for taking with you camping or to a music festival or fireworks show. Or even just to keep in a playroom or in a game room. I can't say anything negative about this besides the little bit of effort in order to use, but even that is nothing to turn me against it since it's comfortable and extremely useful.
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