Home Indoor Electronic Insect Killer

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The zapper emits a 365nm UV wavelength light that is a magnet for flying insects.
If you put honey or candy into the lanterns, will trap more mosquitoes flies.
No harm or damage to people or the environment with a chemical and smell free solution.
Protective mesh screen separates you from the electric grill so you don't get shocked.
Detachable and washable collection tray and custom-made brush makes cleaning easy. .
Insect Killers can be put anywhere - stand it on its own or hang by the detachable chain.
We took this bug zapper camping last weekend and while it was already coldish outside, it was still able to zap a couple of mosquitos. It's really small so I enjoy knowing that it isn't going to get in the way. We were able to set it up outside and put it on the picnic table or putting it beside us while we lounge watching the stars shoot across the sky. It is very easy to set up (practically none!) so I think it is great for anyone who wants a cute little bug zapper to get those pesky mosquitos out of the way.
*I received this product in exchange for an honest review*
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