Hydration Pack by Arctic Current

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GREAT STORAGE - Comes with two-layer storage compartment. One layer of the storage compartment for the bladder with a waterproof divider to help keep your gear dry. Enough room for essential items such as a phone, wallet, set of keys, towels or snacks.
LIGHTWEIGHT - with a cushioned, breathable mesh back panel. Arctic Current Hydration Pack is 18" tall x 10" wide x 2" thick. It weighs approximately 1.15 lbs dry and approximately 5 lbs fully filled with water.
REPLACEABLE 70Oz. BLADDER: Includes a 2.0 Liter/70 Oz. BPA Free bladder which keeps you hydrated. Comes with a wide screw cap to add ice to keep your water even cooler for longer. Lasts long enough get you through a day of hiking, cycling, running or biking.
BREATHABLE STRAPS - The shoulder straps are rubberized mesh which breathes well and don't slip around on your clothing. These straps keep you cool and dry in the heat. Adjustable shoulder/chest straps will fit chest sizes from teenagers up to adults
Typically, we go hiking almost every weekend. Whether we ride up to the Rocky Mountains, out to Black Canyon of the Gunnison, or just sticking around Cheyenne Mountain, we are always in need of a hydration pack. Many hydration packs leak when you wear them or are extremely expensive. After a short while, the water gets warm or you run out. This is not the case as this hydration bladder and pack is one of the best I have found. With my husband being a big guy (muscular and tall) it's hard to find packs that fit him comfortably. This pack has a rubber type of mesh for the straps which keeps it securely on your back. The water stays cold for longer than the typical brands of hydration packs as well. It holds larger than the average pack so a full day hike is a piece of cake. I highly recommend it!
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