Iphone 7 Case

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100% Customer Satisfaction guarrantee--All FULLLIGHT TECH Wooden cases are made premium quality HARD PolyCarbonate snap-on-the-back case and 100% genuine and naturally grown wood.Cool design with great protection.
Each wood has its own characteristic,you are the special one to own an unique phone case even in the same design.
PRECISION CUT-OUT: FULLLIGHT TECH WOOD iPhone 7 Cases have Precise holes for Camera,USB Charge,Headphone jack. Operate your phone as usual with it.
Durable: Compared with those complete real wood case, Our wood case with plastic bumper are more economic and practical.
The backplate is made of real rosewood and the compass design are engraved by machine. Beautiful and Compliments is around corner.
This is a really great case for the iPhone 7. I love that the pattern is very whimsical because I love anything outdoor related and this is perfect. The case is solid and easy to put on. It makes for a great conversation piece because most people look at it and want to see what it is made of. I highly recommend this case for anyone with an iPhone 7 as it is just simply that cute.
*I received this product in exchange for an honest review*
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