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Are you interested in moving abroad or studying a certain field?
Can't decide? Schedule a meeting with professionals in the field

Should you become a doctor or an engineer? Ok.
You already know you want to be an engineer.
Should you choose mechanical or software engineering? Ok.
You're already a mechanical engineer.
You thinking about switching fields and want to know what it's like.
Profession Gurus has got you covered in all 3 above cases.
Sign up and search our database by profession
to people who have worked in your field of choice.
I really have found that this program is fantastic for anyone looking to possibly change careers or those just now going into their field of choice. It's almost like a mentor program in which you can speak to a professional in your field and get their advice on the questions you may have been thinking about. You can set up appointments with professionals of all sorts, from medical to engineering and everything in between. Whether you speak to someone for 30 minutes or longer, it's a great way to see if this is the career for you. I highly recommend this for those looking to talk to a professional via Skype, mobile phone, or various other methods. It's really worth it in the long run!
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