Orgalif Step Stool

by - 9:34 AM

Heavy duty folding step stool the best folding step stool with anti slip dots and strong support we love this folding step stool features - holds up to 350 lbs. - resistant and durable perfect for adults and kids - with easy carrying handle design for safety grab benefits, instantly folds flat for easy storage, anti-slip feet pads for strong grip, opens easily with one hand best price on Amazon highest quality at best price on Amazon.  Heavy duty folding step stool for kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, closet, garden and more.
One of the worst things about being short, is well, being short. I find myself needing just a couple extra inches in the kitchen so I don't have to stand on the counter to reach some of the top shelves. It's tough being 5'3. This stool is extra durable and sturdy. It also has foam dots on the top that help with your footing in addition to making it look cute too. I highly recommend this stepstool for kids or adults. It's great for anyone needing a small stool for some hard to reach places.
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