Cable Knit Scarf Review

by - 1:59 PM

Nice and thick cable-knit NEOSAN scarf is great for the winter months.
Excellent quality with beautiful lasting colors that can go with any outfit, help to turns
down bloated dress and cold weather. The length of scarf allows you to wrap it around several times, wear this scarf double or long, and in different ways you like; it is the perfect winter accessory. The yarn is so thick and chunky and super soft, you can tell right away it's well made and very
 nice quality. Try on the scarf when you receive it, it will be the amazing stylish.
One might ask why I would review a scarf when I knit scarves of my own? The reason why is simple, I live in a cold environment and when it is cold outside, you need more layers. I have plenty of chunky scarves that I made but I have never made a thick white scarf. This scarf is amazingly warm as it is made out of a cashmere type material. I wore it just last week under my winter coat since it was snowing and it matched my clothes perfectly. The other thing I love about this scarf is that it is long enough to wrap around you or you can double wrap it also. I plan on wearing this all winter with how cold it is outside and how soft this scarf is. I find it extremely comfortable and stylish.
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*I received this product in exchange for an honest review*

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