SainSmart Jr. Voice Command Car Review

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SainSmart Jr. Voice Command Cars include 3 series: VC-01,VC-02 and VC-03. They are designed in a fancy look with cool colors (Red, Green, Blue, Grey and Yellow). There are 5 control modes, 8 Voice-activated modes so that you can enjoy it when you play by English Speaking.
Voice Command: For better signal, please focus your voice command on the smart watch within 20cm to 40cm • Go Forward • Go Back • Turbo (Acceleration) • Car break (Stop) • Spin out (Speed out for a while and then stop with a perfect drift ) • Demo • Light On • Light Off  Manual Control: • Engine Start/Stop • Turn Left • Turn Right
• Lights & Sounds Switch • Speed Mode Specifications: • Frequency: 2.4G • Remote Control Distance: 12m-20m • Charged time : 30-40 minutes • Car Battery: 3.7V 250mAh Li-Po, USB charging cable, use time 15-20 mins (Rechargeable) • Watches Battery : 3.7V 100mAh lithium , use time 35-40 mins (Rechargeable) • Product Size: 15cm * 8cm * 5.5cm Package Included: 1x Voice Control Mini Car in Window Box 1x Smart Watch 1x Recharging Cable 1x Manual
When I was asked to review this remote control car, I didn't know what to expect since it was a Jr. car. Well, I can tell you that my questions were put to rest when the car arrived. I had this shipped to my best friends house for their kids while we went out there to visit them in California. It arrived the day before we got there so the youngest one (3) was able to figure it out on his own. His favorite part is the spin out because it goes super fast. When we got there, he showed me all of his favorite things to do with it. It works ok on carpet but is obviously better on hardwood floors or linoleum and tile.
He speaks better than the average 3 year old so the voice control recognizes his words easily. If you hold it too close it doesn't recognize it so you have to hold it back a little bit. The lights and sounds are fun but can be really loud at 6am if you aren't expecting it. The watch was a little big for his hand but for the average kid who plays with this, it would be perfect. He loves this little car and the only thing that he didn't like was how long it took to charge. Of course, for us, 45 minutes isn't long at all. For a 3 year old, it was a lifetime. But the car itself is a hit and even all the adults were using it too!
Not only is the car great but the company is fantastic to work with too. I used Amazon Prime to order so I had 2 day shipping but the product was shipped speedily and came packaged where it couldn't break. Their customer service is great as well and they are very accommodating.
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