HaoDuoYi Womens Camo Tee Shirt

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When you are born with hips, it's hard to find shirts that fit comfortably without looking like they are too tight. I don't consider myself "large" being I am only a size 4 but the hips make it difficult to shop for. This camo top is far better than I was anticipating! It's a high quality, lightweight tee shirt. I love that it is loose against the skin. The V-neck makes it sexy while still modest. Did I mention it's thin? It's super soft before washing! You can tell that the company takes pride in their clothing because there isn't a single loose stitch or uneven seam. Because it is a Chinese company, you should definitely order a bigger size than you typically wear. I usually wear a small or medium in shirts but end up buying 2XL just to make sure that they fit without difficulty. I like to wear my shirts pretty loose too so if you don't, you can always go just one size up and it would still fit nicely. The other thing I absolutely love about this shirt is that it is pretty long so that you can wear it more like a dress with tights or you can wear it with some distressed shorts or a skirt. It's an overall amazingly comfortable shirt that I couldn't recommend more than I already do!

In the photos, I paired it with a simple pair of brown fleece leggings. My husband said it looked really cute and to finish it off with a pair of hiking boots or combat style boots to make it more edgy. Adding some bracelets or fun necklaces to the outfit would really top off the outfit. Another idea I was thinking about was taking a thick black high waisted belt and wearing it with the tee shirt.
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