Haoduoyi Womens Casual Lace Mini Dress

by - 6:58 PM

This is one of the most gorgeous dresses I have seen! There is something so wonderful about how simple yet elegant it is. Because it is a Chinese company, I always order larger than I wear. In this case, I ordered the 2XL because I didn't want it being too short or too tight. When I first put it on, I couldn't stop smiling. The fabric is really thin so you want to make sure your undergarments are white or tan so that it doesn't show through the material. The fabric is incredibly thin so it is perfect for a spring or summer day.
The top has this gorgeous lace trim which wraps all the way around. The back of it is zippered and what I love most abut that is the fact that the zipper is actually hidden below the lace so you can't even tell there is a zipper. The other cute part is the neckline. The back of the neck has 2 pearl buttons with the elastic strap to wrap around it. The neck also has a piece of fabric that is a little snug but it makes the neck look thinner.  The long sleeves are thin so they dangle loosely around your arms. This is truly a gorgeous, lightweight dress that would be great for an evening out or a nice walk for a dinner date out on the town! I highly recommend this dress for anyone who wants a cute but modest dress!
I paired this dress with a cute pair of brown boots and wore my hair down. You can easily wear a pair of heels or sandals with this depend on what style you are going for. I prefer boots because above the knee skirts are always cute with boots! This dress especially so!
 *I received this product in exchange for an honest review*
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