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The original concept of this story teller toy is quite fun, but there are a few things that I don't care for. I'll begin with those just so you know exactly what I don't like and finish off with the good things. The first thing, it is extremely loud. Even when you turn it down, it is really loud. The downfall to that is that when you shut it on and off, it goes back to the original sound and not where you last left off. The only other downfall is that the voices are in English by Chinese accents trying to sound like a child. As an adult, it get a little annoying. But for kids, it doesn't seem to phase them.

As far as the positives, this is really cute in that you can listen to fun stories and poems. It also has a lanyard attached to it so the child can wear it. I read other reviews that said that it was a choking hazard but at 4 years old, he didn't have a problem wearing it around his neck. The nightlight is really neat as you can put it beside the bed and when the volume is lowered, they can lay in bed and listen to it while looking around. It's quite interesting and is a good quality toy. The lanyard is a bit long but it's not unwearable. You can knot it if you want but it could give some pain in certain areas if they ran with this around their neck and it hits them while running.
When it comes to the packaging of the product and how it arrived, it wasn't very good. The product stands strong but the box is in this Chinglish (poor English) with sentences that don't make sense. If you can get past the packaging, you'll be just fine. The kids seem to love it and want to hear the stories and rhymes. I do recommend this with only a couple of exceptions (as noted)
MULTIFUNCTION - The storyteller is educational toy, with 12 bedtime stories,
14 poems, 10 popular nursery rhymes,5 knowledge to make learning fun for children.
5 PROJECTION MODES - Projection modes. Bring the starry sky home to you;
give yourself a piece of the (starry sky) in multiple changes of color.
PORTABLE - A belt in the case, easy install, can wear around the neck,
cute and mini sixe apple toy for children, Easy to carry and store.
HIGH QUALITY - Eco and Cost Friendly-High-capacity material. Durable-Drop-resistant ABS plastic (30 times tougher than ordinary plastic) with high fidelity dual-magnetic 52mm speaker.
BATTERY POWERED REQUIRES - Requires 3*AAA(LR03)1.5V batteries (not included) Instruction in English version is in the package, color illustration included for easy understand.
(A small clip of what the toy sounds like)
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