Casual Military Camouflage Lightweight Shirt

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Outerwear has never been so full of attitude! That's the first thing you see when you purchase from this company. Knowing that this company is based out of China, I already knew to order the clothing larger than expected. I am very muscular with how much I workout (silks, yoga, pole, hoop, running) so I have more muscle in my arms and thighs than the average person. Therefore, I order just about the largest size depending on the material and what it is (pants, shirt, skirt, dress, etc...)   
I went ahead and ordered the 2XL in this shirt and in doing so, I feel like it was the right size to order.  The shirt that I ordered is a camouflage button up long sleeve collared shirt. It isn't too bad in terms of style and could dress up anything from a black pair of pants/tights to blue jean shorts. This is a little different than what I typically wear but it's a nice shirt I'll keep around.

There are only a couple of things that could be viewed as a negative but nothing that would sway me from actually purchasing the product. When you look at the shirt on Amazon you see a typical photo that can be found on the internet of a girl in a camo shirt. She makes the shirt look super cute. While, the shirt is still really cute, it's not exactly the initial photo that is portrayed. The last photos are accurate. When the shirt arrived, it is actually very dark (way darker than the photo) and stiff. If you were to wash it multiple times and maybe even bleach it once or twice, you would get the matching description. As far as the shirt that actually came, I like it better than the photo.
I hadn't washed it yet for the photos so you can see it is quite stiff still but the dark colors are quite nice. They match better than the amazon photo since the darker colors go with jeans or black pants. It's long enough that you can wear a shirt underneath it such as a tank top or a lightweight tee shirt. It buttons up but I don't like button shirts so I would just wear this as an over shirt while going out. I really like the sleeves because they have the option to roll it up with a button inside to hold it in place. With a nice pair of leather pants this could make one sexy of an outfit. I actually plan on using this on one of my pole dance routines.

Like I said, this isn't something I typically wear but I plan on keeping it around and wearing it when we go out. I already plan on purchasing more clothing from this company as I have checked out what they sell and they have some incredibly cute clothing from skirts to dresses and everything in between. The customer service is great to work with and they want to make sure that you have the right sizes and colors to fit your need. The other thing I like is how it was packaged neatly. They wrap it nicely and comes in a secure envelope. It doesn't even have the weird smell like most packaging comes with. It's a good quality top that comes with great customer service. I highly recommend the products and the customer service!

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Sizing Table

S: Length--24.18--Bust--32.37--Shoulder--12.87--Sleeve--20.86 
M: Length--24.57--Bust--33.93--Shoulder--13.26--Sleeve--21.06
L: Length--24.96--Bust--35.49--Shoulder--13.65--Sleeve--21.25
XL: Length--25.35--Bust--37.05--Shoulder--14.04--Sleeve--21.45

XXL: Length--25.76--Bust--38.61--Shoulder--14.43--Sleeve--21.64

Haoduoyi focuses on design and production of European American modern clothing.

They have many well experienced designers, top fabric suppliers and mature flexible supply chain. They are committed to satisfying every woman from all over the world who love youth and beauty. They always take the interest of consumers as their priority, providing the most cost effective clothing. They like to serve the whole world with style and fashion!

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