SainSmart 1000 Building Bricks Set

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With this little guy turning 4 soon, it was about time to put away the big Mega Blocks type blocks. He is already incredibly smart for his age so it's good to have him playing with things that are not meant for babies or toddlers. I'm not lying when I say he acts like he is 10 or 12. But that comes with being in a household with 3 other siblings over the age of 12. These blocks are of great quality. One thing I like the best is that it comes with this really neat play mat that is not only durable for playing on and keeping the toys together, but it also cinches up into a bag where you can keep all the bricks secure and together when they are not being played with.

As far as the actual product is; the bricks come in a couple of sealed bags. It's easy to just open a bag at a time if needed or to open them all at the same time. There are small pieces so if you do have a child then you will have a choking hazard if they aren't good about keeping things out of their mouths. There are plenty of pieces that this can entertain multiple children as well. Even adults can enjoy playing with their kids with these bricks. They are just as fun as the name brand "Legos".  I can't think of a single downfall in terms of quality, play, or storage. I highly recommend this product for anyone with children who love to be creative with their playtime!
1000 bricks in 10 different colors and shapes come with 2 bonus remove tool.
150 cm diameter kids play floor mat as well as storage bag.
Provide hours of entertainment for family: families get together.
 heap up the blocks one brick by one brick, interacting with kids.
Inspire open-ended creativity: children can build their own dream houses or any other animals.
Kid-safe: smooth crafted clean lines, shiny, and unmarred material will last for generations.
All parts connect smoothly and connect well together.

Color: 10 different colors
Shape: 8 different shapes
Package Size: 30.5*7*26.5 cm
Play Floor Mat Size: 150 cm (Diameter)
Weight: 1240g

Package List:
1000 x Building Bricks
2 x Remove Tool
1 x Play Floor Mat/Storage Bag
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